Columbia Asia Hospital, Taiping

Jalan Perwira, Taiping, Perak


Columbia Asia Hospital, Taiping, is an 82-bed private hospital located in one of Malaysia's most picturesque heritage towns. The main hospital space is located on 2 levels above ground with a 3rd level serving as the mechanical utilities floor. There is also a sub-basement level for car parking space and other facilities. In order to facilitate requirements of the hospital in terms of floor layout, columns for the first floor and ground floor were positioned in non-aligned locations, with many of the columns transferring the load to the floor below by means of transfer beams.

Design Consideration/Service Provided

Geotechnical/Foundation Design


  • Driven Precast Concrete Piles


  • One Sub-Basement
  • Open Cut Earthworks for Sub-Basement Construction
  • Built-Up Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall as Sub-Basement Wall

Structural Analysis & Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Steel Structure Roof
Civil/Infrastructure Engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Road and Drainage System
  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewerage Reticulation
Architectural Design