KCT Consulting Engineers provides a broad range of engineering design services for civil & structural work like infrastructure, township planning, geotechnical, foundation and deep basement design. Our expertise in structural analysis and design is frequently called upon by clients. We are also highly experienced in plan submissions to regulatory bodies in Malaysia.

Township Planning
Rail Transportation Facilities
Road & Drainage System
Water Supply System
Sewerage Management System
Deep Basement Design
Retaining Walls & Support Systems
Deep & Shallow Foundation Designs
Soft Ground Engineering
Slope Rehabilitation & Stabilisation
Slope Embankment Design
Land Reclamation
3D Modelling of Structure
Reinforced Concrete Structure Analysis & Design
Steel Structure Analysis & Design
Composite Structure Analysis & Design
Prestressed Concrete Design
Seismic Analysis & Design
Refurbishment & Improvement of Structure
Building Inspection
Town or City Councils (Majlis Perbandaran or Majlis Bandaraya)
Sewerage Authorities (e.g. Indah Water Konsortium)
Public Works Department (Jabatan Kerja Raya)
Department of Irrigation & Drainage (Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran)
Water Supply Authorities (e.g. SYABAS in Selangor)