Columbia Asia Hospital, Tebrau

Kota Southkey, Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Johor


Columbia Asia Hospital, Tebrau, serves Johor Bahru, Kota Southkey and nearby Singapore. It is the second Columbia Asia Hospital in the Johor Bahru vicinity. This 147-bed hospital consists of 3-storeys of above-ground hospital space and a 4th level as mechanical floor to house all the mechanical utilities. There is also a 1-storey basement which serves as car parking space and to house various utilities and services.

As is usual with hospitals, the 3 levels of hospital space were structurally designed with columns in unusual positions to facilitate hospital requirements, and thus necessitated the use of a lot of transfer beams to transfer the load to the floors below.

Design Consideration/Service Provided

Geotechnical/Foundation Design


  • Whole building on Raft Foundation
  • No Piles were used


  • 1 Level of Basement
  • Open Cut Earthworks for Basement Construction
  • Built-up Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall as Basement Permanent Wall

Structural Analysis & Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Steel Structure Roof
Civil/Infrastructure Engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Road and Drainage System
  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewerage Reticulation
Architectural Design