MRT Stations – SSP Line (North)

Sungai Buloh Station to Jalan Ipoh Station


We are the structural consulting engineers for the following MRT Stations along the North Package from Sungai Buloh to Jalan Ipoh:

  • Kepong Sentral Station – Double Piers; Island Platform
  • Metro Prima Station – At Grade; Island Platform
  • Sri Delima Station – Single Pier; Island Platform

Design Consideration/Service Provided

Geotechnical/Foundation Design

Structural Analysis & Design

Sub Structure

  • Pile Cap

Super Structure

  • Station / Viaduct Piers
  • Precast Prestressed Segmental Crosshead supported by Single Pier at Centre
  • Portal Frame Pier
  • Reinforced Concrete T-Beam
  • Entrances to the Station (Metro Prima – Entrance 2)

Steel Structure

  • Serambi – Steel Roof
Civil/Infrastructure Engineering
Architectural Design