Wisma Miramas

Taman Desa Business Park, Kuala Lumpur


Wisma Miramas is an office tower located in Taman Desa Business Park. It is a 10-storey building with 7 floors of offices and 3 levels of car parking space. There are also 2 basement levels of additional car parking space. This building is built on a raft foundation without a single pile used.

Design Consideration/Service Provided

Geotechnical/Foundation Design


  • Raft Foundation


  • 2 levels of Basement
  • Sheet Piles as Temporary Shoring for Basement Construction
  • Built-up RC Retaining Wall for Basement Levels

Structural Analysis & Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
Civil/Infrastructure Engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Road and Drainage System
  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewerage Reticulation
Architectural Design